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HD Video - Electronic sound / Wood structure  

Pépinières Européenes Méduse - La Bande Vidéo. Québec. 2010

This piece confronts the spectator with the interior of an empty house. It works as a box of memories, evoking a certain feeling from the past of ancient residents. Through an oneiric atmosphere, a blurry childhood fantasy may also be suggested. ​

Inspired by a resource used in some renaissance paintings, a set of mirrors and windows intend to amplify and open the space; allowing the viewer to access different places of the house. The absence of people and certain clues show us that the house has just been abandoned. However, their traces are still there. 

This installation questions traditional laws of perspective, and, is the result of a more sensorial approach to space. The use of different scales in a particular manner plays an important role in tricking the gaze of the spectator. The specific treatment of the image will not place him comfortably in a distant position; on the contrary, the viewer suddenly becomes a direct witness of the scene. 


Tlön is the result of the time spend at the artistic residency: Méduse (Quebec, Canada), thanks to the support of Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec, La Bande Vidéo and L’Oeil de Poisson.