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35 mm Film and 6X6 Photographies

 Score : Juan Sebastián Lach Lau.

 9 min Le Fresnoy Tourcoing. France 2005

A narrative construction is proposed in the form of a photo-romance filmed at the editing table.  Working from filmed photographs means that one can work time in different ways: the action stopped by the photo finds movement (different to that originally) in the film form. Sound attributes a time to each image.




Going home, Martin, walks in the streets of Mexico City; turning, he crosses an empty street and strange sounds make him approach the wall, he finds a door, opens it  and enters a tunnel, which suddenly emerges in Paris.

There he meets a girl who gives him an appointement a few hours later. He thinks he has time to go back home in Mexico to pick up a few things, does he find again the way? ...


3G Video

Music: Madrigal Book VI, Belta, Poi Che T'assenti. Carlo Gesualdo

Interpreters: Ensemble Métamorphose, Maurice Bourbon

Pocket Film / Paris 2005 

      A traveling showing the Parisian roofs. An experimental video mixed with photography. 

An impressionist aesthetic given by the choice of projecting the video in a big format;

                               this emphasizes the pixels and decomposes the image. 


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