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Bicycle / HD Vidéo  / Electronic Sound / Programmation Max MSP / Wood box-bycicle-metal structure

Arts Bridge Project Okayama Japan 2008

This piece evokes what the change means for me, we are surrounded by a fast growing new technology, certainly is giving us the possibility to have a free and easy access to an open world, even though we are also living in artificial worlds we are constantly observed and revolves also into a certain loneliness. 

The spectator is meant to mount the bicycle and to pedal, and invited to see what is inside the box; there the person will be call out by an image of a woman steering at him (or she). That means the spectator will feel at first observed by this woman.

By pedaling the person will activate gradually some changes on the images, the projected woman will have a transformation: from a real person into an unreal character; Is important to say that this changes will be happening with the tempo of the pedaling, that means the spectator will have the felling that she (or he) is making this changes..

The goal is to confrontate the person first with a feeling of being observed, but also the spectator becomes an actor and an observer of this installation when he pedals and sees the changes of the woman that is observing him, then, there is a communication between the real and the artificial persons. ​

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