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Video HD loop 3 min 36 / Wood box Le Fresnoy 2006 Tourcoing, France 2006

​Sound Design: Cristian Manzutto


This installation revolves around a bathroom, which is at once a shared site and a place of great intimacy.

This bathroom also hosts an invisible figure that only becomes apparent when in contact with water, only when it washes in this room does it exist, and can see itself, touch itself. This transparent mass will take a shape:  that of a naked woman. 

She behaves away from the gaze of the outside world. Yet there is a voyeur, the spectator, who sees the scene through a hole in the wall.

The issue of a character in relation to their own intimacy shifts back and forth between the freedom of the other’s gaze and the necessity of coming to terms with one’s own discomfort with respect to the perception of one’s body  (complexes, unease, disgust)